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The WBC Muay Thai Youth Cares fitness challenge seeks to engage with young people and enhance their level of fitness, wellbeing and achievement.  The fitness challenge has been designed for young people aged from 6 to 15. A carefully prepared itinerary over three (3) different levels has been devised with the emphasis on fun and fitness.  Group activities such as this help build friendships which can be of benefit to communities and last a life time. 

Level one (1) is a one hour thirty-minute, one day class and is an introductory fitness challenge class incorporating the art of Muay Thai

Level two (2) is set out over three (3) classes of one hour fifteen minutes per class.

Level three (3) is set out over six (6) classes of one hour fifteen minutes per class.

Classes, regardless of level should have a maximum of fifteen (15) students per class. One instructor and one assistant instructor should be in attendance at all times.

At the end of each fitness challenge level, one, two and three, all students attending receive a WBC Muay Thai Youth Cares fitness challenge certificate of achievement. For level two, the students may also be presented with a WBC MuayThai silver medal, (optional).  For level three students may also be presented with a WBC Muaythai gold medal and baseball cap, (optional). Medals and baseball caps may be purchased from WBC Muaythai head office, email:

You may consider contacting local government authorities and business and invite them to support the fitness challenge in whatever capacity they are able to.  It may also be of benefit to contact the local community police officer and ask them for support. 

At the end of the challenge, (the last class) the community police officer or other invited community persons could be invited to present students with certificates. This may also be of interest to local press whom you could also invite. This would possibly afford you some free advertising and support.

It is important to stress at this point that the fitness challenge is not designed to teach young people how to fight and neither is it a competition between them, it is designed to improve the fitness and wellbeing of those attending by way of Muay Thai training techniques which we all know can be highly beneficial to one’s development.

During class levels two and three, students when ready may pair off and box using gloves and focus pads. The instructor or assistant instructor will hold suitable pads for students to practice all kicks, knees or elbows.  Please be mindful that this fitness challenge is not about speed of power, it`s about movement, balance and wellbeing. This is in keeping with our duty of care.

If you have any questions, email:

WBC MuayThai cares fitness challenge documentation.

  1. Instructors’ agreement.

  2. Venue assessment form.

  3. Parental consent forms.

  4. Feedback report.


A fully completed instructors agreement form and venue assessment form must be submitted before the start of a fitness challenge class for approval.

Parental consent forms for each student are to be completed before any student is permitted to attend a fitness challenge class. 

Once a fitness challenge level has been completed the instructor is required to complete and return the class feedback form.

Photographs and video clips of students attending any of the official fitness challenge classes may be posted on the WBC MuayThai WhatsApp media group, along with photographs of students receiving their certificates, plus a group photograph of all students with certificates and any community leaders who may have attended.

This will make great media news and may encourage others to attend future fitness challenge classes. 

Before the start of any class, health and safety venue checks are to be carried out for the safety and wellbeing of all those attending in accordance with local authority rulings.


Fitness challenge health and care plan.

In the event of a fitness challenge health and care plan being required for those students with restricted abilities. Each should be judged on the needs of the student and the clubs’ abilities to support the student’s needs.

  1. A student who is unable to walk or stand and who may rely on a wheel chair may still be able to attend this fitness challenge, providing the venue has the correct facilities in order to offer the student a health and care plan.  After all the student may still be able to box and elbow?

  2. A student who may have hearing difficulties may also be able to attend with the correct health and care plan being implemented.  The position of the student in the class, the ability to follow the actions of the student in front, or by way of instruction cards on display at the head of the class

Although only two examples have been given, as stated each student who may require a fitness challenge health and care plan must be judged on the needs of the student and the club’s ability to support the student.  It may also be advisable to seek independent advice from other groups who already have health and care plan in place.    

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Classic TitleF

Fitness Challenge Level One

Fitness Challenge Level Two

Fitness Challenge Level Three

Fitness Challenge Agreement. 

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Parental Consent Form

Fitness Feedback Form

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