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I have been involved in MuayThai since 1983, I have competed at club level, run my own club, promoted and co-promoted numerous MuayThai events which raised money for a number of children’s charities. 

In 2005 I attended the very first WBC Muaythai convention meeting in southern Spain and soon after co-promoted the first WBC Muaythai world championship title in the UK. 

In 2012 I became committee chairman for the UK, a privilege I held until 2018, during this time over 70 WBCMT championships were staged in the UK from national to world titles.

2012, I set up the first WBC MuayThai social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. This has proven to be very successful and allowed us all in the WBC MuayThai to interact and progress.

2014, I proposed the introduction of the under 18’s national championship titles which are now contested worldwide and the introduction of the championship medals.

2017, Scotland established its own approved committee under the leadership of Mr. Stephen White to oversee and sanction national titles and I remained committee chairman for England, Wales and Nr. Ireland.

2017, I was honored by being given the position of vice president to the executive committee of the WBC Muaythai.

2018, WBC MuayThai convention, Ukraine, I was honored by being confirmed as committee chairman of WBC Muaythai Europe and proposed Mr. Nash Keshwala be given chairmanship of England, Wales and Nr Ireland.  Since becoming committee chairman for Europe, I have worked at establishing WBC MuayThai working committees across Europe and looked at opportunities to expand activity across Europe.

2018, WBC MuayThai convention, Ukraine. I proposed the introduction of the WBC MuayThai Mediterranean championship title, now established and in 2021 Mr. Max Baggio, representative for Italy was made chairman for the Mediterranean committee.

2018, Proposed the introduction of the WBC MuayThai Scandinavian championships, established 2019. 

2019, Proposed the introduction of the WBC MuayThai Under 18s European championships, established 2019.

2019, Awarded the WBC Muaythai person of the year award.

2020, Proposed the introduction of the WBC MuayThai youth development program, established 2021.

2020, Proposed the introduction of the WBC MuayThai Celtic championships, established 2020.

2021, Honored by being made committee chairman for Central Asia.

2021, Proposed the introduction of the WBC MuayThai youth cares fitness challenge for under 15-year-olds. 

2022, In July of this year I was resigned as chairman from the European committee and given back control of the British, English and Celtic committees, during my time as European chairman, 33 championship titles were approved. 


I have had the privilege of judging and supervising WBC MuayThai championships around the world.  

This has all been achieved by working with promoters and gyms with an open-door policy to ensure that approved fighters whom are able to contest for the world famous Green & Gold belt are given the opportunity to do so.  

As members of WBC MuayThai, we recognize commitment in maintaining high standards of excellence and support.  Achieving excellence requires high ethics.  The WBC MuayThai works to ensure that all aspects of its day-to-day running are conducted in accordance with high ethical standards and integrity, Ethics ensure promoters, fighters, officials and all other persons never put themselves or the WBC MuayThai in a position that may undermine or compromise proper integrity.  By maintaining standards and working together we ensure that along with our own, the integrity of the WBC MuayThai is absolute and unquestioned. Teamwork makes the dream work.

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